What is telephone entry system or Access Control Systems?

Access control system work as an electronic keys which eliminates the issue of physical keys to be duplicated thereby keeping your facilities more secure. Telephone entry system is an electronic communication system from which you can incorporate connections with your phones and also computer. With telephone entry system, You can take control of number of entries in, around and through the premises of any particular location. By permitting access to your property with telephone entry system, you will have peace of mind in a most convenient way. We have all the models suitable for controlling access to gated communities, high-end residences, apartments, condos and industries. What else is a better way to keep privacy for your property.


Which type of tele entry systems do we provide?

  • Telephone intercom systems
  • Single or multi-user
  • Card access systems
  • Digital access systems

Our Services related to Telephone Entry Systems and Intercoms:

Installation: We help you set up a high quality controlled access systems such as Telephone entry systems, card readers, remote transmitters, intercom systems, etc. Based in Los Angeles, we cater all access control installations for domestic, industries, commercial buildings or multi-users.

Consultation: Our friendly staff, quality craftsmanship with economical prices makes sure to help you define long term benefit strategies for your access control system. Our high end technical support team takes time to evaluate your gate properly and recommend best solutions based on the needs. Just call us on 818-781-5590 for any queries or concern.

Repair: We offer repair services as well for garage doors, driveway gates and automation. We do complete door and gate replacements based on your requirement.

What are different types of Entry Systems and Intercoms?

Biometrics: Biometric access control system is fast and easy to use. This system works by attaching it to the network measuring person’s unique physical characters. It includes fingerprint, palm, hand, veins, faces, retinas, irises, etc. Biometrics access system is highly recommended due to its effectiveness of identifying a person’s characteristic rather than keys which person needs to carry. There is much more to have an add on facility with Biometrics like voice recognition and visitors access. Contact us to select the suitable plan for your access control system package.

Keypad: Keypad access control security system are used without card. In this system, keypad reads a numerical code which user needs to put. Keypad accepts the correct code and sends a signal to operators whether to open or hold a gate. You can set hundreds of codes and custom your preferences.

Card Readers: If you don’t wish to depend on cards for entry which are breakable. It is better idea for you to shift on something more reliable where a user just needs to change codes for security. The user needs to swipe the card and the reader accepts or rejects the entry based on the code of the card. This system can be used as an add-on to Telephone Entry systems.

Benefits of using electronic access control over lock and keys ?

The utmost important factor of any property owner is to have their property secure. It is a untrue that modern access control systems can only be installed by large businesses. It is as important for a single property owner as well after seeing its benefits.

  • Electronic access control system is time and cost efficient.
  • You don’t have to worry about lost keys or changing locks.
  • Just like keys, control access system cannot be duplicated thereby chances of robbery reduces.
  • You just have to send codes to the tenant or friend whom you wish to enter. This way you can keep track of who enters, what time and how many times which keys cannot provide.
  • If you have two doors then access system can ease help you manage keep track of records where key doesn’t provide any access information.
  • With control access system, you can set up different monitoring system for your working area and have information of different levels anytime.

Brands of entry systems we carry:



At United garage doors and gates, we aim to serve Los Angeles a complete line of access control devices. We guide you to choose the best technology available in the market ensuring the right fit for your property gate or door. We offer from telephone entry system to high end secure professional bio-metric systems.

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