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Installing a new garage door has the major significance to your home’s curb appeal to a greatest extent. It can recover around 88% of your investment if planning to sell your home. You just need to choose the right garage door.

We are a leading Los Angeles Garage Door Installation and Garage Door Repair Company, providing our services since 15 years. Make sure to have a look at our finest collection of garage doors and garage door openers with modest cost to boost the value of your property.


What are different types of Garage doors?

There are basically four main types of Garage Doors, which includes swing out, swing up, roll up and slide to side.

Swing-out carriage also called sliding barn doors are best known for their unique and traditional classic look. It can be a good choice for those who like their ceiling to be clear.

Roll up doors are most commonly used. The door hangs from the edge of the garage’s ceiling which is rolled up onto an overhead drum saving a lot of space. Best suitable if your garage lacks in space or you want to spare the space to keep more equipments.

Slide to side garage doors, as the name says, it opens to the side giving fast access and one can use the entire ceiling of the garage.

Which is the best material for garage door ?

To have a perfect garage door at your home is all about choosing the right material to fit in your budget, lifestyle and climate. From a wide range of materials available, few of the well known are steel, aluminum, wood, fiberglass, and vinyl.

Steel Garage Door: The good thing about having steel door is it is weather resistant, does not gets break or damaged and free from normal wear and tear. It might be difficult to repair once dent occurs and might rust if steel used is thin quality. We at United Garage Doors and Gates helps you to choose and install the best quality steel garage doors with coatings that help resist rust and dents. If your garage door is already bent out of shape then contact us for professional repairs, we are finest Los Angeles Garage Door Repair company since 2007.

Wood Garage Door: Wood is a material that complements any style of home, it enhances the look of your door as its natural elements are very attractive. But regular check and maintenance is must as they are prone to sag and warp. Experts recommend that wood doors should be stained or painted every two to three years to retain its durability.

Aluminium Garage Door are:

  • Cost effective
  • Have many styles, stock colours and design
  • Maintenance free
  • It can be the best  for humid places as they are rust proof
  • Dents easily so less durable compared to steel


It comes in many different styles and designs and have tendency to look similar with any sort of material. It is new in the market and can be a good option as does not rust. Less prone to crack unless hitted hard. More durable than metal and wood so costs higher.  

Vinyl Garage Doors:

It offers a flexible surface having great resistance to dents and scratches. Less chances to get damaged and curves easily. It can give a look like fiberglass garage door but have fewer options in designing and styling.

Which garage door style is right for my property?

There is a lot to think about when it comes to choose the right garage door for your property. Factors like cost, durability, maintenance, design, etc plays a role. Beyond that, you need to pick a garage door that suits the style of your property and colours that blend with overall structure. One needs to be mindful while deciding a new garage door because it’s not the part of your background but as important as front door.

Is it a good idea by adding a wireless numeric keypad to your garage door?

Keyless locks technology can make your life lot easier. It gives you peace of mind as the traditional locks can become a risk factor as it just takes minutes to break the lock by smashing a hammer.

As it works with a code rather than key, it has other benefits like setting up temporary codes for specific purposes which will no longer be reusable. All you need to do is change the code or set up new one for more safety, so that nobody can enter your garage without permission. The idea of Keyless Activated Door Locks is that there is no key to lose and free you from anything to forget.

Should I replace my old garage door?

This question can not be overlooked as your home curb appeal depends a lot on it otherwise it can prove to be a detraction. Moreover, if your old garage door is not functioning properly then replacing it for security is the best choice. Newer models brings more security, safety and nice appearance. Modern garage doors are lighter in weight and easier to maintain with more safety feature. It largely depends on your requirement whether it is more sensible to replace or repair the garage door.

Apart from garage door installation, we have also been providing garage door replacement and repair services since years. Call us at 818-781-5590 to discuss your requirements with our professionals.

Our experienced team of garage door installers and technicians are well versed with different types of garage door materials from wood to aluminium and steel. Check our Garage door photo gallery to know more about our expertise and installation.

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