Professional Driveway Gates Installation & Repair In Los Angeles

United Garage Doors and Gates provides a large variety of driveway gates. Check our gallery for options. We design custom gates for our clients. You can either choose one of our designs or you can suggest a driveway gate design and we’ll fabricate it for you. Since 2008 we have been installing driveway gates in residential buildings/complexes and in commercial buildings.

What are the different types of gates?

There are primarily 3 types gates. They are slide, swing and overhead gates. Each type of driveway gate has it’s own benefits. Some gates use less space and are less prone to wear and tear.

Swing-out carriage also called sliding barn doors are best known for their unique and traditional classic look. It can be a good choice for those who like their ceiling to be clear.

Roll up doors are most commonly used. The door hangs from the edge of the garage’s ceiling which is rolled up onto an overhead drum saving a lot of space. Best suitable if your garage lacks in space or you want to spare the space to keep more equipments.

Slide to side garage doors, as the name says, it opens to the side giving fast access and one can use the entire ceiling of the garage.

 What driveway gate should I choose for my property?

There is no one size fits all solution when it comes to selecting the type driveway gates. It all depends on your budget, space available on your property and personal preferences. Safety also plays an important role if you wish to install an automatic gate operator on your slide, swing or overhead gate.

In general this is the advice we give to our customers:

If there’s enough space on your property, we recommend a slide gate for your driveway. A slide gate has generally less wear and tear. If you don’t have enough space you can go with swing gates too. They can either open into your property and away from the incoming traffic. If your driveway slope is too steep you’ll need a swing gate that swings away from your property and onto the incoming traffic.

What materials are used in driveway gates?

There are various materials you can use for your driveway gates. These depend on your budget and other factors such as reliability, safety and long term service costs. Some of the common materials used for gates are:

  • Wood
  • Wrought Iron

We recommend using steel or stainless steel (It’s less prone to corrosion and rust) frame along with a wooden gate to add stability and strength to the gate.

Can I automate my driveway gate?

Yes, automated driveway gates are a great addition to any home and a boost to it’s curb appeal and value. There are various gate operators and gate automation systems to choose from. You can contact us to know more about the different options.

Driveway Gates Los Angeles by United Garage Doors & Gates

Our wooden and wrought iron gates are custom made and provide privacy and security to your homes. Here are some of the different ways a driveway gate can help your property:

  • Prevent prying eyes from peeping into your property
  • Keep kids and dogs safe inside your property
  • Granting access to visitors using a telephone entry system or access control device
  • Increase property value and curb appeal to attract buyers when you’re ready to sell

What other Driveway Gate Services do you offer?

  • Gate Repair service
  • Replacing your old gate
  • New gate installation
  • Installing automatic gate operators
  • Installing telephone entry systems
  • Installing access keypads
  • Installing electric gate openers

What brands of gate operators do you install?

We prefer installing gate operators from LiftMaster, Doorking and All-o-Matic. These operators are reasonable and offer great security and reliability. We can install other brands of electric gate openers too, if you have a specific requirement.

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