Commercial and Industrial Doors, Grilles and Gates

Sectional Doors:

Sectional doors creates a good amount of space in front and back of the door as they open vertically. Door sections folds up and lay flat beneath the ceiling. Vehicles can be parked closer by utilising more space. The look of a sectional doors is very pleasing. They can be used at for warehouses, hangars, garages, front entrances, restaurants, firehouses, gas stations, corporate buildings, etc

Roll Up Doors:

Roll up doors saves a lot of space without interfering the interiors of building as it rolls up  into the coil. Low in budget and needs very less maintenance. Roll up doors comes in  various models to choose from. They are suitable for almost everything, whether it be a warehouse, storefronts or airplane hangars. We also do roll up commercial door services. We keep a stock of all the parts even for old doors for quick repairs. Contact us today for Commercial Doors Services and Repairs Los Angeles.

Roll Up Counter Doors/Shutters:

Counter shutters is a combination of great aesthetic and security. Best applicable at ticket counters, bars, school cafeterias, pharmacies, cashiers, hospital desks, driveway takeaway, liquor shops, etc. Easy to operate as push and pull or motor or hand chain based on weight and size of the door. Cleanliness is maintained as they have opening above the counters. It can be manufactured in various materials like steel, stainless steel, aluminum, etc

Aluminum/Glass Doors:

Aluminium/Glass doors are best combination of style and features. It comes with a variety of materials, finishes and stile widths. They are reliable for heavy usage. They are ideal for fire stations, police stations, schools, colleges, universities, hospitals, restaurants and other commercial and industrial properties.


All the commercial doors can be have different features to add onto it. These doors can be insulated, fire rated, automated or manual system. There can be any type of door insulated whether it be as roll up, overhead or sectional door. Benefits of insulated doors are:

  • Maintains temperature on inside and outside of the door.
  • Guides as a weatherstrip
  • Increases efficiency
  • Prevents the movement of air
  • Reduces unwanted noise of vehicles inside the building

Fire rated doors controls the spread of fire and smoke and thereby provides following benefits

  • Safety of people
  • Minimizing property damage
  • It can also be automated
  • It helps for sealing an area where there smoke or fire is present

Automated doors: Each type of door can be automated – allows quick access and manual which needs to be done manually. Automatic doors can be great for handicapped people for the easy access, it saves energy, proves as a safety feature for the employees. Automated doors are best suitable anywhere in hospitals and healthcare services, malls, theatres, corporate buildings, hotels, restaurants, etc. It is based on different needs as to control the flow of traffic – automatic swinging doors are used.

Our technicians guides you after inspecting the door and tells you about the replace or repairs needed for your door type.


Side Coiling Grilles:

Side coiling grilles are provides great security. In few models, it provides full visual access, daylight and air circulation. Best suitable for schools, garages, parking, cafeterias, shopping malls, other institutional and commercial projects.

Accordion Grilles:

Accordion grilles also called full vision acrylic grilles are suitable for situations where requirement is little headroom and no floor track. Where the access is limited. There are different types of curtain styles and materials are available to select from. It has easy maintenance and repairs. It looks like a grid pattern with concealed locking devices. Best suitable for shopping malls, spaces in buildings, other commercial property.


Barrier Gates:

Barrier gate is an extra layer of security helps to control crowd and prevent thief activities from entering into your business property. It is best suitable for parking lots, toll booths, vehicle and traffic control areas and other high security establishments. As it is mostly used for traffic control, it just opens and close allowing the vehicles to pass but does not provides any security.

Scissor Gates:

Scissor gates are very popularly used for security as it is made of steel which is stronger than other materials. Along with its security feature, it gives a great visual appeal to your property uncompromising the professional look to your purpose. Scissor gate has been used from decades at roll-up doors on building, retail stores for display windows. It is good for blocking interior passageways and controlling access of people at non public areas. Ideal for storefronts, warehouse doors, loading places, driveways and other commercial units. It is easy to install and at affordable price. It can also be a good choice for temporary usage and openings to have great security.

Choosing a right commercial door for your business is important. So being knowledgeable on commercial door types and its features is must. We will help you choose the best suitable commercial door in Los Angeles based on your needs. We give the best solutions for commercial door, gates and grilles with all the latest trends.